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At Platinum Polish we pride ourselves in being able to repair, refurbish and restore the vast majority of damaged alloy wheels to their former vibrant look. Our years of experience allows us to safely repair scuffed, dented, cracked and corroded wheels, whether it be Diamond cut Alloys or Original factory wheels. If your wheels are just looking tired we offer Alloy polishing / protection too.

We also offer Alloy wheel colour change& Calipers / brake drum painting services if you’re looking for the most up to date trend.

Alloy Wheel Repairs

We can repair wheels that have been cracked or dented, chunks missing out the rims or kerb damage, also if you have a slow puncture and there’s no nail in your tyre then you will find that the inside rims of your wheels are corroded and are needing refurbished. It’s always best to contact us with your wheel information for a more detailed quote / price. Take a look at lightning link pokies online.

  • Scuffed Wheels

    General kerb damage, usually incurred when you have got a little too close to the pavement.

  • Dented Wheels

    Usually around the leading edge of the wheel when is has been hit off the kerb or pothole.

  • Cracked Wheels

    More substantial damage following a larger impact which may need welded.

  • Corroded Wheels

    Usually as a result of scrapes in the original protective coating, allowing harsh cleaning chemicals or road salt to eat away at the surface of the wheel.

Alloy Colour Change

The most up to date trend “out with the old, in with the new“.  A variety of colours to choose from including Gloss Black, Satin Matt Black, Gloss Anthracite Grey, Matt Anthracite Grey.

Alloy Wheel Polishing – Protection

Getting your alloys polished and protected with an alloy sealant will give you ease of maintenance from traffic fallout and brake dust which could normally damage your alloys, therefore they start to look tired / dull.

Caliper - Brake Drum Painting

Customize the look of your brake calipers by choosing from a variety of unique colours available in high gloss heat resistant paint finishes. Decals not provided

Please note no parts are removed

Price from £180 – £260 depending on caliper size ( set of four )

Brake disc hub painting £100 ( set of four )

1-2 day turnaround

Brake Caliper Painting

Brake Caliper Painting

Diamond Wheel Cutting

Diamond wheel cutting is process which is carried out by lathe or a CNC machine where the front face of the wheel is machine cut to a very high polished finish. It is a highly specialised process and one that we have several years of experience of doing.

The first stage of refurbishing diamond cut wheels is where we put them through the paint stripping process. We then shot blast any remaining paint off the wheel. The wheels are then pre heated and powder coated to the appropriate colour before it goes through the diamond cutting process.

The final part of the process is when we add a clear gloss lacquer finish. This finish is becoming very popular on all sorts of cars from the BMW M3 to the new style Fiat 500.

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