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For a speech April 27, 65, M, Paul Gerin-Lajoie, Minister of Education, announced a number of important measures.

It was not acted on this project. Educational leaders of Canada seem to have made up their minds to this impossibility of recycling, and appear to abandon their rapid improvement projects of their teaching. For a speech April 27, 65, M, Paul Gerin-Lajoie, Minister of Education, announced a number of important measures. – So far, Canadian educators had not, as in France, the freedom to choose their method of teaching.

If things had remained in the state these educators were forced to adopt the methods for which they were not prepared, which would have been disastrous. “To accomplish the task is now entrusted to him, the teacher is now free to choose the type of education it deems most consistent with its preparation and its capabilities …” But the second important point: “Freedom of choice of education is however conditioned by the collective option has taken the team of teachers which it belongs. ” What constitutes says the Minister, a kind of educational self-management of the school. “This settlement should allow” every school to become a living unity, a coherent dynamic environment, to which the Minister of Education does not intend to impose compliance an advance established stereotype. Some groups remain faithful to traditional methods; others opt for a radical transformation. ‘Still others, taking into account the risks of hasty marriages between traditional and modern methods methods, adopt a progressive approach by the introduction of new techniques, the establishment of a pilot class …’ We do not know not what can give these decisions in Canada. positions of the changes I’m told that is not there subject to the rules and scales and educators better aggregate as they choose schools for their will and it is possible therefore that new provisions facilitate the establishment of control schools.

Such a decision would be catastrophic for France since the action of snipers of our comrades would radically outlawed everywhere by Sovereign educational unit. In fact, the educational fate of these teacher teams will always be based on the recycling of the majority. As long as they have not introduced to modern techniques, as they have not practiced them to penetrate, educators are hostile to modern pedagogy.

And they have a point: how to abandon a pedagogy that has practiced any time, for another we do not know and where we risk too fail miserably? Favorable or not, the decision of the Canadian Minister absolutely leaves intact the problem of recycling. And recycling can be done by organizing accelerated courses where educators can work to a new pedagogy that will then show in practice its superiority.

As for us, aware of the difficulties but also possibilities of this recycling, we remain available to Canadian officials to help modernization practically and technically delicate changes in Canadian education. CF Author: Celestin Freinet printable version

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In: Greater East Region> GD 88 – Vosges report meeting a French technical> Scripture-reading teaching Principles> Communication Teaching Techniques> classroom organization> life of the classroom teaching techniques> print informative meeting with a “lecture” Ernesto on TBI, which missed a practice time, initially planned; But the Vosges are talkative, and this is only a postponement! Belle also met Jean Petitcolas our oldest historical GVEM member and friend of Celestin and Elise Freinet.

A beautiful moment of sharing, illustrated with some pictures … 2 comments 10 files attached Draft culture, meeting minutes of April GD88 By Antoine Cicolella on 30/04/12 – 10:56 p.m. In: Greater East Region> GD 88 – Vosges minutes meeting teaching techniques> printing My friends, tonight I had the great honor of being the secretary of the meeting a meeting of the ICEM group 88.

I deliberately use this bombastic as the circumstance was beautiful. It was indeed a real open book, historian and biographer of the modern school, some colleagues and I have had the chance to meet in the class of our friend Anthony. Add a comment Read more

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